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Thirty years ago today (March 19, 1982), Randy Rhoads was killed in a tragic plane crash in Leesburg, Fla., robbing the world of a breathtaking …

Jackson Rhoads Relic

Randy Rhoads was one of the most influential rock guitar players in history, and this is the defining Rhoads guitar. The Tribute Relic is a direct replica of his original 1980 asymmetrical V-shaped guitar. The original “Concorde” was designed by Randy and built by Grover Jackson Rhoads Relic, Tim Wilson and Mike Shannon. It is widely regarded as the “first pointy guitar” and is also the first instrument ever to bear the Jackson logo.

The original had been kept at the Rhoads’ family music school since his death, and they say it had not been out of the case in over 20 years when Masterbuilders Mike Shannon and Chip Ellis came in November 2009 to inspect and measure every aspect of it. Seeing the guitar in person revealed details that were only previously seen in photos, such as the real ebony truss rod cover with mother-of-pearl “RR” inlay. It also revealed aspects that were not seen in the existing photos – as Mike Shannon explains “the black headstock and pin striping have some metallic purple in them. It’s not pure black.” Another revelation in examining the Concorde, Shannon determined that its body contour differs from previously released Rhoads models.

Every detail of the original has been recreated for this tribute – from specifications and material choices only the builders would notice, to aesthetic details including every minute ding, dent, and scratch. Even the layers of black electrician’s tape that cover the back of the body were painstakingly duplicated. The Jackson Custom Shop did such an incredible job that even the Rhoads family couldn’t tell the original from the recreation.

This extremely limited edition guitar is 1 of only 60 made. It comes in a stenciled Anvil flight case with certificate of authenticity signed by Delores Rhoads, Mike Shannon and Chip Ellis, build sheet, booklet about the making of the guitar (with some amazing photographs of Ellis and Shannon inspecting the original instrument) 8×10 photo of Randy, and 8×10 photo of the Masterbuilders with Delores Rhoads.

Jackson® and Rhoads™ are registered trademarks of JCMI.

Big Leaf Maple Body
4-Piece Quartersawn Big Leaf Maple Neck
Ebony Fretboard
1.7” Nut Width
2.187” Butt Width
830-950 Round Neck Shape
Pearl Block Inlays
22 Frets
6230 Fret Wire
NOS Brass Trem
Brass Pickup Rings and Backplate
Ebony Truss Rod Cover
Seymour Duncan SH4 Bridge Pickup
Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck Pickup
Crown Head Tuners
25-1/2” Scale Length
10-52 String Gauge

jackson guitars v

The best jackson guitars v for metal

Jackson is a guitar manufacturer originally operated by Grover Jackson, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Charvel Guitars. It is probably best known for his guitar model “Rhoads” V, originally design ed and used by guitarist Randy Rhoads. This model Inspire? Grover to start the company?? a Jackson guitar.

Jackson is a company?? A guitar manufacturer Grover Jackson operated, Tambi? N the same owner, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Charvel Guitar Repair. His model V “Rhoads” is perhaps his letter of presentation? Nm? S known model originally design ed and used by guitarist Randy Rhoads. This model Inspire? Grover to found the Jackson Guitar Company. Wayne Charvel sold him? their interest on the Charvel name to Grover Jackson on November 10, 1978. The facility was located in San Dimas, California and manufactured guitars in that place between 1979 and 1986, when the company ‘s to be fusion? with IMC (International Music Corporation), an importer of musical instruments based in Texas. Recently, the rights to the Charvel name and permission to manufacture Charvel guitars was given to the Fender Guitar Company. Now Fender est? making guitars almost id? nticas the original Charvel San Dimas, except for a few details. In some cases, these guitars are built with original parts even Charvel. Jackson has become famous primarily for its slender and elegant models, often with an aggressive, very popular in the atmosphere of hard rock and metal. There have been particularly popular with m? Musicians of thrash metal and other branches of extreme metal. Most? To the Jackson guitars (and also n many Charvel) share the t? Pica blade (headstock) triangular, which is just shovel the style of the Gibson Explorer, modified to avoid problems of plagiarism. Charvel / Jackson was the subject of many claims of plagiarism from Gibson and Fender, which led to use the Explorer style headstock modified. This will also? N ended the use of Stratocaster-style jacks on Charvel guitars. Several models have a reverse headstock with the tip facing up. 

Jackson Flying v Rhoads

Well, I got Jackson Flying v Rhoads from a store, and it was set up pretty well. I raised the action I tiny bit and got it feeling the way I wanted it. There were no sharp frets, dead notes, or anything of that nature, which surprised me considering its a low end instrument. Very good Craftmanship here.

Jackson Guitar Flying V

I play mostly Jackson Guitar Flying V, meaning a lot of 80’s shred, and more modern metal like Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, and Some core style stuff like The Devil Wears Prada. I’ve found at least usable tones for all of these genres. I’ve also used it for rock like the white stripes. It is a very versatile guitar for the money. The pickups will most likely be replaced soon. I’m considering Seymour Duncan Livewires

Jackson Guitar V

I’m reviewing the new Jackson Guitar V. I got it free in an even trade for an old PRS SE I never use and didn’t want (so please don’t try to tell me what a bad deal I got). It has a 24 fret, bolt on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. It has the two stock Jackson humbuckers, with a three way switch, volume knob and tone knob. It is also string through body. It has the sharkfin inlays. Over all it looks like a metal beast =). I traded for it with a gig bag. I believe I got a good deal. I couldnt find what kind of wood it is made from, but I imagine it is some sort of alder.

Jackson V Guitars

Jackson V Guitars originated in 1980 when guitarist Randy Rhoads approached Charvel with an idea for an individualized guitar. The collaborative design effort between Rhoads, Grover Jackson, Tim Wilson, and Mike Shannon resulted in the creation of the Concorde, an innovative revamp of the traditional Flying V.

The Rhoads guitar model designs were such a departure from Charvel’s Stratocaster-based models that Grover elected to label them with his own name.

Throughout the heavy metal heyday of the 1980s, the Jackson brand was associated with high-quality, American-made, custom instruments, and was endorsed by many popular guitarists of the period. In addition to the original Randy Rhoads models, the 1980s spawned distinctively designed Jackson models such as the Soloist, King V, and Kelly, all of which remain icons of the brand.

Jackson Flying V Guitar

The King V is an electric guitar made by Jackson Guitars based on the Gibson Flying V. The Jackson Flying V Guitar was originally designed for Robbin Crosby of Ratt and he popularized the guitar throughout the 80s. Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine eventually became the guitarist most identified with using this model. After creating a custom King V for Mustaine (completed October 10, 1986), the company later began mass-producing a Dave Mustaine Signature Series King V, which would become one of their best selling guitars. This line continued into the early 2000s, when it underwent massive changes and became the Y2KV, a guitar based much more heavily on the Gibson Flying V. Mustaine then sold his entire personal collection of Jacksons, and subsequently signed endorsement deals with ESP Guitars then Dean Guitars.

Jackson Floyd Rose

I recently purchased a Jackson Dinky STrat style guitar. It has a licensed jackson FLoyd in it and EMGHZ pick ups. The floyd kinda sucks though. It slips. Its not a smooth whammy, it has a slight lurch when you use it. how much is areal Jackson FLoyd Rose, and will it go into the Jackson easily, and is replacing this Licensed jackson FLoyd, with a true real Floyd a better idea??

Flying V Faded

The faded finish gives it the look of a seasoned performer.

The Gibson Flying V Faded was born to rock. When the original V came out in ’58, it was ahead of its time. When it was reissued 9 years later, it became a favorite of progressive rockers and still is to this day. This Flying V Faded has all the features and specs of the ’67 model and the look of a guitar that has been loved and cared for since those early days.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

    Mahogany body
    Mahogany neck
    Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
    24-3/4″ scale length
    1-11/16″ nut width
    Tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece
    Chrome hardware
    496R and 500T ceramic magnet pickups
    Controls: 2 volume, one tone, 3-way switch