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Jackson Rhoads Relic

Randy Rhoads was one of the most influential rock guitar players in history, and this is the defining Rhoads guitar. The Tribute Relic is a direct[......]

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jackson guitars v

The best jackson guitars v for metal

Jackson is a guitar manufacturer originally operated by Grover Jackson, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Char[......]

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Jackson Flying v Rhoads

Well, I gotĀ Jackson Flying v Rhoads from a store, and it was set up pretty well. I raised the action I tiny bit and got it feeling the way I wanted it[......]

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Jackson Guitar Flying V

I play mostly Jackson Guitar Flying V, meaning a lot of 80′s shred, and more modern metal like Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, and Some co[......]

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Jackson Guitar V

I’m reviewing the new Jackson Guitar V. I got it free in an even trade for an old PRS SE I never use and didn’t want (so please don’t try to tell me w[......]

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Jackson V Guitars

Jackson V Guitars originated in 1980 when guitarist Randy Rhoads approached Charvel with an idea for an individualized guitar. The collaborative desig[......]

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Jackson Flying V Guitar

The King V is an electric guitar made by Jackson Guitars based on the Gibson Flying V. TheĀ Jackson Flying V Guitar was originally designed for Robbin[......]

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Jackson Floyd Rose

I recently purchased a Jackson Dinky STrat style guitar. It has a licensed jackson FLoyd in it and EMGHZ pick ups. The floyd kinda sucks though. It sl[......]

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Flying V Jackson

Last night,when I searched somthing about flying v jackson, I saw some pictures :








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Flying V Faded

The faded finish gives it the look of a seasoned performer.

The Gibson Flying V Faded was born to rock. When the original V came out in ’58, it[......]

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