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jackson flying v price : please contact us

  • Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars and other Musical Instruments from Thecheapestguitar.com are all brand new, The sound quality of the instruments is absolutely marvelous.
  • This instrument will please most discriminative professional player. They have beautiful sound, smooth performance and graceful appearance.
  • We provide electric guitars, electric basses, guitars, violins, musical bags and cases and Bassoons, Tubas, Flutes, Trombones, Tenor Horns, Saxophones, Bar I tones, Pocket trumpets, Oboes, Trumpets,French Horns, Alto horns…..,
  • They have been highly approved by customers in Canada, America, Europe, Australia and more than 20 other countries and regions.
  • This guitar has a great finish to it as you can see. This guitar plays great and has no problems with sound or anything. The action is low and the neck is fast. The tremolo system is fine condition and comes with the whammy bar. The only thing that is that the guitar has a few cosmetic scratches as you can see but this does not effect the guitar at all. If you notice the head stock you will see a crack. The piece of the head stock did break off but it was taken into the guitar shop and was repaired professionally and it may look scary I can assure you that the fix in like new. It has never slipped in tuning nor effected anything with the neck. All the hardware is still in fine condition and this guitar will come with a brand new tremolo system as I have an extra one that will come with the guitar. This is the last guitar I have that uses the Floyd Rose system and I have no need for this other one. It was bought as a replacement if something went wrong. The guitar will come in a Jackson gig bag and shipped with all the safest and proper shipping boxes to ensure its safe arrival. Thank you and good luck. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
  • A great number of international clients have OEM cooperation relationships with us.

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