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Long ago when I was a teen jamming in hair bands during the 1980’s, for certain, my favorite guitarist was Michael Schenker. From his early days while in the Scorpions, UFO & The Michael Schenker Group, in my simple estimation, he was definitely the most polished guitarist and naturally, possessed an incredible Gibson Flying V sound! It truly stemmed from Michael Schenker that I wanted to get a flying v of my own 鈥?and I still own it today.

Down below is a brief summary of my favorite players that I spent my youth listening to. These are sorted out from topmost to the bottom with my personal favorite being on the top. Each guitarist either used a Gibson Flying V or a Gibson Flying V copy guitar. I do hope you have fun here!

1) Michael Schenker – Born 1955 in Germany, this unique guitarist was previously a founding member of the Scorpions during the early 70’s. Michael rose to fame soon after he became a member of the rock band UFO during the mid ’70s; this is when he ended up being recognized as one of the topmost rock and roll guitarists of that time (check-out UFO’s Strangers in the Night Live Compact disc – impressive guitar work!). Michael eventually left UFO in 1978 and formed his well-known rock band, The Michael Schenker Group (MSG) & for the most part, has kept this group intact to this day (which included different artists throughout the years). Michael’s classic sounds throughout his career were produced with his tailor-made Gibson Flying V guitars.

2) Randy Rhoads – Rhoads was brought into this world back in nineteen fifty-six. He helped establish the rock band Quiet Riot when he was 16 years of age. Randy combined forces along with Ozzy Osbourne through 1979 and recorded debatably some of the finest heavy rock music guitar work of the time. Randy’s neo-classical guitar method had been creative and also refreshing and was considered an instantaneous blockbuster among rock music admirers. Amongst Randy’s classic electric guitars he used was his tailor made Karl Sandoval polka dot Flying V. Rhoads was recorded live for an unbelievable lp named Tribute where the Karl Sandoval flying v is pictured on the cover. The sad thing, Randy was killed in a plane accident in nineteen eighty-two. Imagine what sort of electric guitar work we might appreciate if he was still alive.

3) Eddie Van Halen – Born in 55′, Eddie is considered among the most influential Eighties rock guitarists with his clever performing/sound recording ideas in blues-structured hard rock and roll. He is considered very well-regarded to guitar players as being the creator linked with tapping (using your picking fingers to actually tap on guitar strings). Look into the song “Eruption” located on Van Halen’s first lp to get a bit of music. While Eddie is certainly most renowned playing strat-style guitars, he is acknowledged to have used an authentic ’58 Gibson Flying V on the recordings on “Hot for Teacher” & “Top of the World.” Consider the heavy deep Gibson Flying V overall tone on those song titles.

4) Jimi Hendrix – Hendrix was born in nineteen forty two & by a great many would be deemed the most significant guitar performer in musical history. He was among the most influential musicians of his era spanning a broad-range of music genres. Hendrix attained fame and fortune around nineteen sixty-seven with his group The Jimi Hendrix Experience and is most recognized in headlining the iconic Woodstock celebration in nineteen sixty nine. Regrettably, just like Randy Rhoads, Jimi passed on much too young in ’70, before the age of thirty. Jimi made use of at least 3 individual Gibson Flying V instruments on his recordings and on tour.

5) Billy Gibbons – Born in nineteen forty-nine, Gibbons, is most referred to as the blazing guitarist in the Texas blues-rock and roll group ZZ Top. Billie also sings lead on quite a few ZZ Top tracks. Gibbons was actually a pal with Jimi Hendrix, and as a consequence Jimi once mentioned on the popular Tonight Show that Billy would be the next hottest guitar player. Billy used a classic nineteen fifty-eight korina Gibson Flying V in several of ZZ Tops initial tracks through the 70s. Billy is in fact using this excellent axe on the cover of the live recording called Fandango!

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