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Gibsons Reverse Flying V Guitars – A True Work of Art

Gibson is known in the musical world for making quality musical instruments. They manufacture many different types of musical instruments that are used by many professionals. One of their greatest achievements is the Guitar.  They have several different models of guitars and each one has been crafted with pride.

The Flying V style guitar which looks like a V when you look at it was first made in the 50s and was a huge success then. They were limited editions created back in the 1950s and they were very popular at that time just as they are now.

The Reverse Flying V guitar is based on the original 1950s edition but is upside down model of the original one. These limited edition guitars are to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Gibsons original release of this model. The Reverse Flying V is crafted with their bodies made out of mahogany they will last a long time.   These unique shaped guitars are not easy to find. Since there was a limited edition made of them they were sold out quickly. These crafted instruments are collectors items already, while they have been out a few years they have gone fast. You can still find them in stores that sell used instruments or on line auctions. There are some still out there that people are selling that you can get a hold of, and to own one gives you the feeling that you are owning a piece of history that can be handed down for many generations with pride.