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Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V

Randy Rhoads Jackson Guitar.

This is a video of Randy Rhoads actual Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V guitar.

On September 28th, 2005 @ CSUN in Northridge, Ca. Ms. Rhoads made available to the public a viewing of Randy’s Pinstripe V. I rolled down there with my video camera. Randy’s guitar was there on display behind glass for about 2 weeks.

This was to coincide with CSUN opening a new muscial wing which also included a museum type setting that has old instruments of all sorts dating back to the 1700′s.

This was also the day the names for that years RR musical classical guitar scholarships were announced.

After the formal ceremonies were done outisde on the lawn,an Ozzy band played Crazy Train in honor of Randy Rhoads. Then everyone moved into the new wing devoted for music in the huge Cal State library.

This was the first Jackson guitar made, 1980-81.

Randy Rhoads was the guitar player for Ozzy Osbourne’s “BLIZZARD OF OZZ” band & founder/former member of L.A. rock band Quiet Riot.

Randy Rhoads – One of the best musical/metal guitarists to ever live.

G-d Bless Randy & The Rhoads family.

Filmed by Jeff Brent – RHOADS TO OZZ