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Jackson Flying v Rhoads

Well, I got Jackson Flying v Rhoads from a store, and it was set up pretty well. I raised the action I tiny bit and got it feeling the way I wanted it[......]

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Jackson Guitar Flying V

I play mostly Jackson Guitar Flying V, meaning a lot of 80′s shred, and more modern metal like Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, and Some co[......]

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Jackson Guitar V

I’m reviewing the new Jackson Guitar V. I got it free in an even trade for an old PRS SE I never use and didn’t want (so please don’t try to tell me w[......]

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Jackson Floyd Rose

I recently purchased a Jackson Dinky STrat style guitar. It has a licensed jackson FLoyd in it and EMGHZ pick ups. The floyd kinda sucks though. It sl[......]

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Jackson V

Made by Jackson for your special Jackson.

The Jackson V Series Case for RR and King V guitars has been completely redesigned from scratch to provid[......]

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Jackson Rhoads White


The Jackson Rhoads RRXMG sports a compound-radius rosewood fingerboard with jumbo frets. Down low, your fretting hand will appreciate the 12[......]

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