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Jackson Rhoads Relic

Randy Rhoads was one of the most influential rock guitar players in history, and this is the defining Rhoads guitar. The Tribute Relic is a direct replica of his original 1980 asymmetrical V-shaped guitar. The original “Concorde” was designed by Randy and built by Grover Jackson Rhoads Relic, Tim Wilson and Mike Shannon. It is widely regarded as the “first pointy guitar” and is also the first instrument ever to bear the Jackson logo. http://www.jacksonrhoadsrelic.com/guitar/

The original had been kept at the Rhoads’ family music school since his death, and they say it had not been out of the case in over 20 years when Masterbuilders Mike Shannon and Chip Ellis came in November 2009 to inspect and measure every aspect of it. Seeing the guitar in person revealed details that were only previously seen in photos, such as the real ebony truss rod cover with mother-of-pearl “RR” inlay. It also revealed aspects that were not seen in the existing photos – as Mike Shannon explains “the black headstock and pin striping have some metallic purple in them. It’s not pure black.” Another revelation in examining the Concorde, Shannon determined that its body contour differs from previously released Rhoads models.

Every detail of the original has been recreated for this tribute – from specifications and material choices only the builders would notice, to aesthetic details including every minute ding, dent, and scratch. Even the layers of black electrician’s tape that cover the back of the body were painstakingly duplicated. The Jackson Custom Shop did such an incredible job that even the Rhoads family couldn’t tell the original from the recreation.

This extremely limited edition guitar is 1 of only 60 made. It comes in a stenciled Anvil flight case with certificate of authenticity signed by Delores Rhoads, Mike Shannon and Chip Ellis, build sheet, booklet about the making of the guitar (with some amazing photographs of Ellis and Shannon inspecting the original instrument) 8×10 photo of Randy, and 8×10 photo of the Masterbuilders with Delores Rhoads.

Jackson® and Rhoads™ are registered trademarks of JCMI.

Big Leaf Maple Body
4-Piece Quartersawn Big Leaf Maple Neck
Ebony Fretboard
1.7” Nut Width
2.187” Butt Width
830-950 Round Neck Shape
Pearl Block Inlays
22 Frets
6230 Fret Wire
NOS Brass Trem
Brass Pickup Rings and Backplate
Ebony Truss Rod Cover
Seymour Duncan SH4 Bridge Pickup
Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck Pickup
Crown Head Tuners
25-1/2” Scale Length
10-52 String Gauge